It’s me…

So here it is… I’m going to be putting our life of beautiful chaos out there for you all to read.

I’m 28, I grew up in the large Central West NSW town of Orange, where they grow apples not Oranges…

When I was twenty I moved a short distance to the beautiful Village of Millthorpe, where we bought our first home and filled it with our gorgeous babes, Flynn, Lily, Edie & Winnie.

2016 James (Mr Sullivan) and I decided we would plan our Wedding for November 2017, shortly after we found out we were expecting our fourth baby. I worked out she would be five months at the wedding, challenge accepted.

Then James threw a curve ball and decided it was time to purchase a farm, put our house on the market and move.

Simple enough right? Baby, Wedding, Move… until I figured out the house on the farm had to be renovated.

My next few blogs will be about all those ‘adventures’.

I hope you come back and enjoy reading about our crazy lives.


Until then..

Ains xx


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