Goodbye Home

In 2010 we drove past one day and what would you know a huge “for sale” sign was sitting out the front and now the rest is history. Seven years on, an engagement party, many parties and not to mention bringing home four babies its time for us to move on.

Devastating would be one word I would describe selling our home.
I always thought she would be apart of the family, whether it was us living there or an investment I never imagined not owning her.

And here we are. It’s sold. We have four weeks to move out.
Four weeks to create the best and last memories, four weeks to say goodbye.
In four short weeks we will close the front door for the very last time.

In life I’ve learnt a House is only four walls, and what is in the house is all that matters.
I’m lucky enough to be taking our family to a another house and starting a new chapter but gosh it kills inside knowing we are finishing that one.

Now I have to pack, please send motivation and tips you have for moving with kids (something I’ve never done).


Ains x

Processed with VSCO with a4 preset
Processed with VSCO with a4 preset

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