Spring Time – Time to Change up your linen

It’s Spring time, and you might want to change up your bed linen.

Put away those dark moody tone linen and bring out the light bright and fresh feel items.

It doesn’t need to cost you a fortune, changing our linen up this season has cost just $49.95.

Below are some tips on how to change your linen look without costing a fortune. As well as a few tips on buying linen.

What to look for and where to shop.


1. Neutral colours work best 

Neutral colours work best when purchasing your quilt cover. I choose white, it doesn’t matter the season nor the colour trends it will always go with everything.

If  your new throw was to be fire engine red or sage it’s always going to work.

2. Pay a little more to get a little more

The white quilt cover in the photos below is actually around six years old. It’s also quilted, perfect for an extra layer on the bed in winter, or as it is in summer as im Someone who likes some form of cover in summer. Like I mentioned previously neutral tones will always go but paying a little more for your quilt cover which you use time and time again will ensure you get the most from your money.

3. What I changed for Spring 

The Charcoal quilt cover is still in the bed, on our doona (which is duck down – personal preference),

The quilted cover has been pulled up to cover the charcoal on the quilt – it’s still quilt cool here so perfect to pull up for extra warmth or kick off when the nights become warmer.

Ive changed the charcoal pillow cases out for white to carry on with the crisp feel.

I also removed the chunky knit throw. Which in winter will make the bed feel warm, moody and totally makes you want to climb in and cuddle up on cold winter nights.

I went for a sage green, light throw purely for decoration. The green matches in with the protea cushion and it’s also in this season.


Best places to shop

My favorite places to shop are always Stores such as Pillow Talk, Bed Bath ‘n’ Table, and Adairs.

Always sign up to their loyalty programs, some stores offer point systems, others a discount on every purchase. They will send emails with offers and discounts.

For example the sage throw was $69.95 on sale for $49.95 and I then used my Pillow Talk membership to receive 5% off sale items. Bargain!

You can always find amazing home decorating items at H&M a new personal favorite. But if your budget doesn’t stretch too far don’t forget stores such as Kmart have stepped up their game with home decorating. I saw recently a throw similar to the sage but in grey or blush for around the $20 mark.

Winter styling – Spring styling


Left Image;

Charcoal cover – Pillow talk

White cover – Lorraine Lea Linen

Throw – Bed Bath ‘N’ Table

Fluffy cushion – Early Settler

Pink linen pillow covers – One Hundred and one linen

Right Image;

White cover – Lorraine Lea Linen

Pink linen pillow covers – One Hundred and one linen

Pink cushion – Adairs

Protea cushion – Pillow talk

Sage throw – pillow talk


Just have FUN!


Ains x




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